“A gentleman fishes with a fly rod.” – Jess H. Hancock (date unknown)


When I was a kid, I remember catching my first fish with my grandfather.  On a small pond somewhere in central Ohio at the age of 5, I reeled in my first sunfish on what was probably a 4′ Snoopy pole.  Although my grandfather always talked about fishing, his age and health limited him in how far and how long he could fish, and thus I only have recollection of maybe a dozen times he and I went on fishing excursions as a youth.

I had no idea what fly fishing was all about until my early 20’s.  After moving to Colorado for a job in the IT world, my Dad surprised me with a 3 day fishing school trip here on the front range, and we took lessons together.  These lessons were overwhelming to say the least, and even though we spent two days on the water fishing after having received the lessons, we still didn’t catch any fish.

Determined to catch a trout, I decided to buy a fly rod and reel, boots and waders, and a cheap fly box.  And then I bought some flies.  And then some vented long-sleeved shirts.  And then more flies.  And then a bigger net.  And then a vest.  And then some more flies.  And then some floatant…  But I still wasn’t catching any trout, and was frustrated that as much as I listened to everyone behind the counter at a myriad of fly shops, and bought what they recommended, none of what they said was working for me.

I kept at it, and eventually I started catching trout through a combination of trial and error combined with the varying advice I had received from multiple “professional” sources, gear choices, and learning to read the water on the streams and rivers that were nearby and easily accessible.

I literally spent twelve full days fly fishing for trout before I caught one.

What lies ahead in this blog is a distillation of my experiences while trout fishing, yet distilled into easy to understand lessons backed by simple explanations.  The reason this sport is perceived as difficult is because there’s so much information about it, and about trout themselves, that it winds up being information overload.  But not here at troutfishing101.com.

In this blog, you will find a step by step, easy to follow series of lessons that will give you the information you need to know to get started catching trout with a fly rod, and be comfortable in the great outdoors while doing so.  The categories covered here include the following:


  • Gear:  Getting Started
  • Etiquette
  • The Fish
  • Handling Trout
  • Casting
  • River Specifics
  • Reading The Water
  • Fly Selection
  • And much, much more…

So fetch a tasty beverage of your choice from the kitchen, sit back, and begin your adventure into learning how to catch trout on a fly rod from a guy who’s spent a lot of years trying to master it.

Chief Angler and Founder