An Epic Trip to Wyoming

As I sit back and reflect on the 8 days of fishing somewhere in Wyoming this past week, I can’t help but wish I would have planned to stay for at least two weeks.  I also wish I would have applied sunblock more often and more liberally.  Home now, I’m a little worn out after hiking as much as we did this trip, but I’ve got a huge smile on my face.

As usual, we had a great group of guys again this year, and we also got into some challenging fishing.  As it turns out, it had been a very wet spring, and even into July many of the rivers weren’t fish-able.  Whenever the closer water that we favor is running high, or off color, we generally spend a lot of time hunting for better rivers that are clear enough to fish and wadeable.  Unless we’re floating, of course…  Then the river has to be floatable.

Turns out we got into some great fishing.  We had to hunt for it, but we managed and did well.  We caught cutthroat, rainbows, browns, and even some brookies.  Oh, and I know a couple guys who caught a ton of whitefish too 🙂  And three guys almost caught a bear.

On top of all that, I captured some good trout hunting on great stretch of creek we found ourselves with the Go Pro.  Check out a video of my good friend Nick Roshon landing a big, fat, gorgeous brown trout.

After Nick caught that great fish, I figured it was my turn.


I’ve got to say that this day on the stream was arguably the best day of the trip for me.  The water was technical, the fish were a bit spooky, and it was a really hot day.  Due to the heat, the fishing started slow as we hit the water at about 11am.  After it warmed up, the fish turned on, and the hunting began.  Only 354 days until I get I get to go back…

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