The Ultimate Watch

Hey.  Do you know what time it is?  I know I do!

I also know which direction is north, current barometric pressure, altitude, temperature, and tide and moon data.

But how, you ask?

I got a new watch.  That’s how.


A pleasant surprise for my birthday last month, my (awesome) girlfriend bought me the Casio Pro Trek with the titanium band, and I couldn’t be happier.

Do I really need all of these data points?  Of course not.  At least not on a normal day.  If I’m out enjoying the great outdoors in pursuit of wild trout, all of this data might be a little more useful. read more

Ripping Streamers

I can see the look on your face.  Ripping streamers?  You must be crazy.

That isn’t fly fishing, you’re thinking to yourself.  I used to feel the same way.

Let’s be real.  There are a lot of purists out there…  Some people will only fish with dry flies.  Some people are die hard about nymphing and will tell you that it’s infinitely more productive than dry flying and yada yada yada…

Everyone has their reasons for fishing they way they do.  It’s simple.  You like it, and for whatever reasons you do like your style of fishing, that’s what’s fun for you.  I get it.  And you won’t find me arguing with you either. read more

6 Reasons You Should Fish Private Water

When you look at a map, or go to your local fly shop to inquire about new fishing spots, it can be overwhelming.  I’ve been there.  I still go there sometimes.

There are tons of publicly accessible lakes, rivers, streams and creeks all over the state of Colorado which are full of fish. And there’s a lot of water to fish too, be it right around the corner from your house or office, or a short drive.  You might even hike a bit to get away from the crowds.

For years I only fished public water.  read more