The Ultimate Watch

Hey.  Do you know what time it is?  I know I do!

I also know which direction is north, current barometric pressure, altitude, temperature, and tide and moon data.

But how, you ask?

I got a new watch.  That’s how.


A pleasant surprise for my birthday last month, my (awesome) girlfriend bought me the Casio Pro Trek with the titanium band, and I couldn’t be happier.

Do I really need all of these data points?  Of course not.  At least not on a normal day.  If I’m out enjoying the great outdoors in pursuit of wild trout, all of this data might be a little more useful. read more

Ripping Streamers IV: How To Fish The Swing

In Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, I covered everything you need to know as to the why, and the how in terms of flies, sinking lines, and technique while fishing still water.

In the final installment of the Ripping Streamers series, it’s time to talk about “the swing”.

As you already know, streamer fishing is a different animal.  It’s not nymphing and it’s not dry fly fishing.  We’re offering up a protein-packed meal to hungry and aggressive fish.  Big fish.

And there’s not a lot of finesse involved.  I feel like a gladiator when I’m streamer fishing. read more

Ripping Streamers Part III: Sinking Lines

What’s up, anglers?

I’m writing you after several recent and AWESOME days on the stream here in Colorado.  The weather has been incredible, and the trout are HUNGRY.  I can’t remember ever catching fish all day on a double dry fly rig in November.  It’s been insane, and I’m loving it!

But dry fly action isn’t what’s on my mind right now…  It’s streamer fishing.

The seasons are changing.  The time changed last weekend and winter is upon us. Fishing sub surface will be the ticket to landing tailwater trout for most of us until spring. read more

Why You Should Wet Wade

People look at me like I’m crazy some days.  Ok, most days.  And I guess maybe I am…

But I like be different, and I like to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.

A few years back I went on my very first guided float trip with my old man.  My pops and I were sweating our n**ts off in our waders floating down the river on a 90 degree September day in Wyoming.  Meanwhile, our guide was wearing sandals and shorts and seemed to really be enjoying the weather that day.  And that’s because he’s a wet wader. read more

Ten Must Have Dry Flies

As I drive through Boulder, I slow down as I approach the bridge over Boulder Creek.  We’re finally tapering off from peak runoff.  I last fished Boulder Creek two weeks ago, and the flow was about 650 CFS, which by my standards is pretty raging.  The fishing is tough at the higher flows, but I still did manage to net a few.

And I’m not bummed about the runoff.  Not in the least.

Why?  Because it’s almost dry fly season!

There’s an age old debate in the fly fishing community about what style is most productive.  Should I nymph?  Should I dry fly?  Maybe a dry-dropper setup?  A slut rig? read more

Get Your Float On

I can see you.  You’re standing at the edge of that lake.  And you can’t cast your line far enough to put your flies in front of feeding fish.  To make matters worse, there are bushes and trees behind you, making casting even more difficult.  Discouraged, you decide to wade out into the water a little further.

And just as you think you’re in range of those feeding fish…

You sink up to your knees in the mud, not thinking that the bottom of the lake doesn’t offer solid footing. read more

Big Trout and Your Little Rod

Hey you.  Yes, you.  I see you standing there in the stream, casting to a big ass trout.  With your little rod in your hand.  You keep breaking off on bigger fish rising in the current, but you can’t figure out why.

You went to the stream today thinking you would challenge yourself by taking your 2 weight rod.  Except it’s not a challenge, it’s a recipe for a zero fish day.

It’s no myth that small stream fishing with a 2 or 3 weight rod is a hell of a lot of fun.  I do it all the time.  Small to medium sized fish are fun with a little rod.  Small stream, short casts, and bush whacking all come to mind when I think about taking my 2 or 3 weight. read more

Why the HELL do I need all this gear??

Why the HELL do I need all this gear??

Fisherpeople often comment that they’re always carrying an absolute ton of gear when they take to the water. I, myself have said the same, and truth be told, I’ve often asked myself the same question after a long day of fishing while I iced my back with a cold beer. I of course had another cold beer in the other hand… Anyway, long story short, my back is thanking me and yours can too if you take a minimalist approach.

Before I tell you what the core essentials are, I want to point out that the more crap you have, the more crap you have to keep organized, and additionally, that having more crap isn’t necessarily going to help you catch more fish. There. I said it. And it doesn’t mean you’ll catch bigger fish, either. All you really need are the right tools for the job.  What follows is a basic run down of the essential gear you’ll need to start catching trout.  I’ll be covering the “why” you might use a particular rod, reel, fly line, tippet, fly pattern or boot type in a future post. read more