Why You Should Wet Wade

People look at me like I’m crazy some days.  Ok, most days.  And I guess maybe I am…

But I like be different, and I like to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.

A few years back I went on my very first guided float trip with my old man.  My pops and I were sweating our n**ts off in our waders floating down the river on a 90 degree September day in Wyoming.  Meanwhile, our guide was wearing sandals and shorts and seemed to really be enjoying the weather that day.  And that’s because he’s a wet wader. read more

Ten Must Have Dry Flies

As I drive through Boulder, I slow down as I approach the bridge over Boulder Creek.  We’re finally tapering off from peak runoff.  I last fished Boulder Creek two weeks ago, and the flow was about 650 CFS, which by my standards is pretty raging.  The fishing is tough at the higher flows, but I still did manage to net a few.

And I’m not bummed about the runoff.  Not in the least.

Why?  Because it’s almost dry fly season!

There’s an age old debate in the fly fishing community about what style is most productive.  Should I nymph?  Should I dry fly?  Maybe a dry-dropper setup?  A slut rig? read more

Get Your Float On

I can see you.  You’re standing at the edge of that lake.  And you can’t cast your line far enough to put your flies in front of feeding fish.  To make matters worse, there are bushes and trees behind you, making casting even more difficult.  Discouraged, you decide to wade out into the water a little further.

And just as you think you’re in range of those feeding fish…

You sink up to your knees in the mud, not thinking that the bottom of the lake doesn’t offer solid footing. read more

6 Reasons You Should Fish Private Water

When you look at a map, or go to your local fly shop to inquire about new fishing spots, it can be overwhelming.  I’ve been there.  I still go there sometimes.

There are tons of publicly accessible lakes, rivers, streams and creeks all over the state of Colorado which are full of fish. And there’s a lot of water to fish too, be it right around the corner from your house or office, or a short drive.  You might even hike a bit to get away from the crowds.

For years I only fished public water.  read more

How To Fish The Spring Runoff

It’s that time of year again.  That’s right, spring is here.  It’s official.  And that means it’s time to fish!

As you drive across your favorite local river on the way to work, you may notice it beginning to swell.  It’s also turning darker in color with each passing day.


It’s not secret that fishing the runoff can be a challenge.  A lot of us fly fishers will sit back and keep tying flies as if it’s still winter.  You think to yourself that that high and off color water isn’t great to fish.  You’ll just wait until the runoff has subsided.  Or maybe you’ll drink beer and eat bar food with your buddies while you watch the NCAA tournament. read more

What Makes a Great Fly Fishing Trip?

You already know that I LOVE to fly fish.  I go fishing at least once a week, and I’m often out there with a friend or client playing coach.  And tying on flies.  And netting monster trout.  And laughing my ass off all the while.

It’s what I do.

I’ve lost count of how many trips I’ve been on, but it’s a lot.  Some shorter, some longer…  and sometimes I said screw it and just put all my fishing and camping gear in my truck and started driving.  I didn’t care where I was going.  I just cared that I was going, and knowing I was going to catch trout.  That’s all I care about when I do impromptu trips. read more

Why Catch and Release Is Important

You  just caught your first trout.  And now you’re hooked.  The sun sets as you hike back to your truck.  You’re think to yourself, “Do those trout I caught today taste as good as what I buy in the store?”.

I’ve eaten a few of the trout that I’ve caught, I won’t lie.  And they all tasted mighty good.

But I don’t eat the trout I catch anymore…

I’ve grown to appreciate trout for their prowess, might, power, and selectiveness.  With that, I’ve gained respect. read more

How You Can Improve Your Life Via Fly Fishing

It’s Tuesday. You’re sitting at your desk, in your cube, staring at a blinking cursor, trying to get motivated to knock off one more item on your seemingly endless to-do list your boss has tasked you with for the week. You’re coffee mug is empty, and you know that one more cup won’t hurt, but it just might crack you out to the point where you can’t focus at all. And there you sit, watching the clock, trying to at least look busy on the chance that your boss walks by your cube and asks for an update on your current list of tasks. You think to yourself… “This desk job is killing me slowly, one day at a time. And I can’t remember the last time I got out into the wild, took a deep breath of fresh air, and forgot about that damn blinking cursor on my screen.” read more