Ripping Streamers IV: How To Fish The Swing

In Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, I covered everything you need to know as to the why, and the how in terms of flies, sinking lines, and technique while fishing still water.

In the final installment of the Ripping Streamers series, it’s time to talk about “the swing”.

As you already know, streamer fishing is a different animal.  It’s not nymphing and it’s not dry fly fishing.  We’re offering up a protein-packed meal to hungry and aggressive fish.  Big fish.

And there’s not a lot of finesse involved.  I feel like a gladiator when I’m streamer fishing. read more

Ripping Streamers Part III: Sinking Lines

What’s up, anglers?

I’m writing you after several recent and AWESOME days on the stream here in Colorado.  The weather has been incredible, and the trout are HUNGRY.  I can’t remember ever catching fish all day on a double dry fly rig in November.  It’s been insane, and I’m loving it!

But dry fly action isn’t what’s on my mind right now…  It’s streamer fishing.

The seasons are changing.  The time changed last weekend and winter is upon us. Fishing sub surface will be the ticket to landing tailwater trout for most of us until spring. read more

Ripping Streamers Part II: Getting Started

In the first part of the “Ripping Streamers” series, I dropped some knowledge on why you should give streamer fishing a try.  And I know you’re getting excited to add this technique to your arsenal of tricks.

Let’s get down to business of the “how” part of streamer fishing.  I’ll start with what makes a streamer a “streamer”, then get into what they mimic in nature.  Finally I’ll cover general guidelines to get you started.

So what makes a streamer a streamer?  A streamer is any kind of fly that is weighted, either with a bead head, cone head, or weight tied in the body, that sinks below the surface, and which is retrieved with a twitch to represent a small bait fish or leech that is swimming in the water.  The key here is that it sinks, and often has feathers or some kind of fur or sparkles which when floating through the current moves and makes the pattern look more realistic. read more

Ripping Streamers

I can see the look on your face.  Ripping streamers?  You must be crazy.

That isn’t fly fishing, you’re thinking to yourself.  I used to feel the same way.

Let’s be real.  There are a lot of purists out there…  Some people will only fish with dry flies.  Some people are die hard about nymphing and will tell you that it’s infinitely more productive than dry flying and yada yada yada…

Everyone has their reasons for fishing they way they do.  It’s simple.  You like it, and for whatever reasons you do like your style of fishing, that’s what’s fun for you.  I get it.  And you won’t find me arguing with you either. read more