Why the HELL do I need all this gear??

Fisherpeople often comment that they’re always carrying an absolute ton of gear when they take to the water. I, myself have said the same, and truth be told, I’ve often asked myself the same question after a long day of fishing while I iced my back with a cold beer. I of course had another cold beer in the other hand… Anyway, long story short, my back is thanking me and yours can too if you take a minimalist approach.

Before I tell you what the core essentials are, I want to point out that the more crap you have, the more crap you have to keep organized, and additionally, that having more crap isn’t necessarily going to help you catch more fish. There. I said it. And it doesn’t mean you’ll catch bigger fish, either. All you really need are the right tools for the job.  What follows is a basic run down of the essential gear you’ll need to start catching trout.  I’ll be covering the “why” you might use a particular rod, reel, fly line, tippet, fly pattern or boot type in a future post.


The Essentials:

  • Fly Rod – unless you’re a bear or a bird, this is a requirement
  • Fly Reel – same as above
  • Waders – although optional, you’re going to be more comfortable with waders 95% of the time
  • Boots – you gotta wear something on your feet.  Rocks can be sharp
  • Flies – self-explanatory
  • Net – optional, but advised
  • Hemostats – for crimping barbs and helping extract flies from a fish mouth
  • Nippers – for cutting leader and tipppet


Read more and find additional details on the bullet points above here.