Get Your Float On

I can see you.  You’re standing at the edge of that lake.  And you can’t cast your line far enough to put your flies in front of feeding fish.  To make matters worse, there are bushes and trees behind you, making casting even more difficult.  Discouraged, you decide to wade out into the water a little further.

And just as you think you’re in range of those feeding fish…

You sink up to your knees in the mud, not thinking that the bottom of the lake doesn’t offer solid footing.

Now you’re cursing like a sailor, wondering how the hell you’re going to get yourself out of this mess of what was supposed to be a fun day of fly fishing.

I actually did this just last week.  And it wasn’t the first time…

So what’s the best way to fish a lake, you ask?!

Enter the float tube!

Here are 6 reasons why you NEED a float tube if you’re to dominate on still water:

  1.  You’re completely mobile on a float tube.  You can reach ANY part of the lake that you want to get to.
  2.  You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the mud or going for a swim if you step off a ledge in water that’s not clear enough to see the bottom.
  3. You can cast towards the bank and pull streamers away from the bank.
  4. You can position yourself so that it’s easier to cast in the “W”.  And by “W”, I mean WIND!!
  5. You can fish lakes and ponds during runoff and avoid trying to fish murky water and sometimes dangerous wading in high water.
  6. It’s fun!  Floating around on a lake in your float tube is a hell of a good time, and really adds a whole new element to fly fishing.

To top it all off, float tubes are pretty damn cheap.  I think I got mine on sale at Cabela’s for $100 bucks a few years ago.  Check out what Cabela’s offers HERE.

Get out there and fish those lakes while the rivers are swelling and maximize your fish bounty!

Tight lines,

-Justin Hancock
CEO and Chief Angler, Fly Fishing Authority