Why Catch and Release Is Important

You  just caught your first trout.  And now you’re hooked.  The sun sets as you hike back to your truck.  You’re think to yourself, “Do those trout I caught today taste as good as what I buy in the store?”.

I’ve eaten a few of the trout that I’ve caught, I won’t lie.  And they all tasted mighty good.

But I don’t eat the trout I catch anymore…

I’ve grown to appreciate trout for their prowess, might, power, and selectiveness.  With that, I’ve gained respect.

Respect for their beauty, form, and the ability to survive for millions of years all over the world.  Respect for the beauty of the landscapes which they call home.  Serene places which I feel the most at home and frequent at every opportunity.

So why does catch and release matter?

Preventing over harvest
If everyone kept every fish caught, there wouldn’t be any fish.  If there aren’t any fish, you don’t get to enjoy catching them any longer.  The food chain also suffers.

Maintaining a balanced environment
Fish eat insects to survive.  Other animals like raptors and bears also eat fish.  Fish are a part of the food chain, and we need them to keep that balance.  Larger fish eat smaller fish.  And larger fish spawn every year and produce stronger numbers of offspring.  It’s the circle of life.

Protecting the resources
Some rivers and streams have rules enforced by government agencies. But many don’t.  And these places with no rules often suffer the hardest, and are often quite over fished.  Everyone suffers until it gets stocked with invasive species.  And then we’ve lost another precious wild place.

Protecting wild places
As mentioned above, wild places are precious.  And we’re running out of them at a rapid place.  It happens all over the world every day.  Rain forests, fracking, mining.  It’s up to the few that care enough to remain steadfast in preserving them.

Keeping it fun
If you’re reading this, you enjoy the great outdoors.  You enjoy fishing.  And you want to continue to enjoy it.  And you’ve likely seen trash in the river or on the stream side.  And I’d bet it aggravates you just like it does me.  And when you’re pissed, it’s taking away from the fun you set out to have.  And we all like to have fun, and as much of it as possible.

Do your part.  Practice catch and release.  Let the fish live to fight another day, so that you can fight that fish another day.

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Tight lines,

-Justin Hancock
CEO and Chief Angler, Trout Fishing 101 & Epic Fly Trips

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